''See-through'' the stage, Huasun features RAI Italia TV show with Apollo-20

2016-04-14 16:38:53 Click:


Rai Italia is the international television service of Rai Internazionale, a subsidiary of RAIItaly's public national broadcaster. Rai Italia operates a television network that broadcasts around the world via 3 localized feeds. Programming features a mix of news, discussion-based programmes, drama and documentaries as well as sports coverage including 4 live games per week from Italy's top football league, Serie A. Huasun features the RAI 1.





Why Apollo-20 are choosed as the No. 1 for this TV show

1.HD video solution

2. 85% transparency, see through

3.Curved shapes design

4.Easy and space free installation


Even more, It’s custom-made size, connecting in any direction, vivid video display catches all the eyes of audience.


Big area LED display with long LED strip and durable quality got the best reward from the client and audience. Based on design aesthetic, construction engineering and visual communication, the elegant strip, neat controller design made Apollo LED screen look like crystal on the stage or a art work.