• In this show, we have 24 panels of X Rover Pro P4.8, and 70panels X Panel P2.9. X Rover Pro is multifunction LED Screen with the spot light, movement base and the screen,and these three are stay in the same side. The panel can take off from the X Rover Pro to map a big screen.
  • Galaxias series products will subvert your views on conventional displays. Galaxias can be customized panel size Galaxias can be use both vertical way and horizontal way in one solution. Galaxias is magnet self lock for installation, save time and labor cost. Galaxias is light weight, a fligtcase can hold about 10 square meter in, and only 190KG a case.
  • X Panel LED Screen is the REDDOT Award.The concept of X Panel design is pleasing to the eye. The appearance and texture are identified as the authoritative "Quality Assurance". It is not only a product, but also a symbol of good design and international innovation. It integrates video, stage light and moving head to give you the multi application solutions.
  • Huausny X Rover Pro & X Panel is the creative products mixed the light, movement and video; the design of these products got the award of the reddot in Germany, which is the highest design honor in the world.
  • All X Panel or XO panel can upgraded to be X Rover, X Rover Pro or X Rover Plus. X series meet all the stage imagination as you wish.
  • Every Galaxias panel are consisted of many small modules. Because of this, we can make it in many shapes as we want, 2D, 3D, round, triangle, cylinder and cone and so on.
  • Galaxias P3 in a game event. Due to the flexible module size and easy installation. The client successfully design a innovative LED screen with Galaxias. The brightness of the screen can be as high as 4000 nits, which fully meets the requirement of both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Trans-eyes Glass LED Screen P8 solution in Oman Muscat Airport. Totally 232 Square meter, creative solution, creative size, Customized movement way.
  • In this video the big screen is Galaxias P6 flexible LED Video Wall, the Front small video and the smallest ones on the wall is our Galaxias P3 Flexible LED Curtain screen. The 8 smallest screen is our Galaxias P3 used in horizontal way. That means the Galaxias series can use both in vertical and horizontal way, it can be 4 sides connection. Can creative multi-size and multi-function for your stage.
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