• The Pixel-Strip is a unique creative LED display products, it is mainly used for indoor or outdoor projects, such as Auto shows, indoor or outdoor building wall decoration, electronic exhibitions etc. The Pixel-Strip products for this project specially treated to adapt to the harsh local weather conditions. It requires P25mm, waterproof, vibration-proof, working normally at a low temperature.
  • The Pixel-Strip is similar to LED light bar, which is mostly used for exhibitions, architectural exterior wall decorations and urban LED display landscape. According to the different requirements, we can customize the Pixel-Strip to be single sided or double sided. It is double sided Pixel Strip in this show and Huasuny is proud to provide such amazing product to Intel.
  • The Weibo Night is the annual festival of digging and counting hot people and events on Weibo, which originated from Sina's network festival in 2003.We are fortunate to be the supplier of LED display for this event.Total 150 square meters of Pixel-Strip P25mm with single sided LED display were used in this grand event.
  • LEgenD Flex is a revolutionary product, it not only has the flatness of the LED cabinet, but also can be more flexible; It solves the problem of time-consuming and laborious installation of LED displayin rental industry to the greatest extent. The good design quality and innovation ability, LEgenD Flex deserve the Reddot Design 2019.
  • Huasuny was presented at ISE fair during Feb.05~08,2019. We displayed our X Rover Plus and LEgenD series products at this professional fair. They attracted many customers to stop by and enjoy our show. Huasuny created new best flexible LED display LEgenD in this world. Below are main features for customers ; - Big module panel size: 600mmX 1500mm, very fast installation with 17 kgs each panel by one person - Curved ±15 degree, can be built as cylinder or circle shape - Can be folded to save packing space - flatness can be same as cabinet display - Outdoor (IP65),first outdoor flexible LED in world We had a very successful exhibition at ISE 2019 with our X Rover Plus and LEgenD series products. We always focus on innovation and quality Hope to work with you for success together!!!  See you at Prolight + Sound Fair in Frankfurt Germany in April and our booth number is 4.0 D51.
  • In 1955, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, the most famous prestigious design association in Europe, established the red dot award in Essen,Germany. In the past 62 years, it has awarded the prestigious design award to numerous enterprises. Now Huasuny has become one of the family members of the Red Dot Award For more details, please refer to:
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