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In order to make our clients to experience an easier and more convenient installation of LED display, Huasuny developed a new generation flexible LED display: LEgenD LED Display. The LEgenD series has the flatness of LED cabinet and also the softness of traditional flexible LED display, and the biggest advantage is the installation of 1 SQ.M LED screen can really be done by only one person.

And LEgenD series is available for outdoor rental (IP65) application which will satisfy more application occasions for clients.


X Series and Multifunction LED display had won the Germany 2018 product design Red Dot Award.


X Panel LED display was released, it fills the blank of the companys product line, it also means that the company began to enter the hard-screen market. It uses magnesium alloy material to reduce weight, and it has a beautiful appearance, which has become a star product in the industry, it is deeply loved by customers once released. Whats more, all X series products can be upgraded to X Rover Pro series multifunctional LED display to meet one-screen multi-purpose demand.

The worlds first multi-function LED display X Rover Pro series was born, it integrates LED display, LED lighting and Movement in one, giving the audience a fantastic stage art feast. It expanded the application market of LED display screens, passed new application concepts to users, became a highly sensational product in the industry, and created a precedent for multi-functional LED display screens.


HUASUNY has developed a softer, lighter, and space-saving product- Ribbon series LED display. It adopts flexible PCB and rubber frame body and is installed by magnet adsorption. It is especially suitable for various special shapes.


In 2015, HUASUNY developed the Trans-Eyes series of Windows LED display, which has the characteristics of light weight and high light transmittance. It is widely used in glass curtain wall buildings and shop advertisements, as well as other special scenes.


After a few years of experience in flexible LED display, HUASUNY has developed the most popular flexible LED display - Galaxias series LED display. The launch of Galaxias is an important turning point in the development of flexible LED display. It combines most of the advantages of previous products and still has good quality and display performance. The minimum pixel pitch also reaches 3.9mm. This product has obtained the patent of the United States and European countries, and is the worlds first-selling flexible LED display.


Due to the development of the company, HUASUNY moved to Foshan, Guangdong.


HUASUNY introduced Rubik Series LED display, and the capability of pixel pitch is also to be 6.64mm at minimum. The Rubik is a real foldable LED display, it saves a lot of packaging space and it is convenient for installation, saving customers labor and transportation cost in a large extent.


The second years of the companys foundation, the transparent Apollo Series was developed. It uses FPC circuit boards and transparent silicone rubber, and combines long LED light strips into LED displays, which are softer, lighter, thinner, and more transparent.


In order to meet the increasing creative needs of customers and solve the problem of large, bulky and difficult to install traditional LED display screens, Mr. Benson Qin founded HUASUNY in 2006, dedicated to the development and production of flexible LED display. In 2006, HUASUNY developed the worlds first flexible LED display - FLC series, obtained national patents and opened the curtain of the flexible LED display industry. The FLC series weighs only 11Kg per square meter, and the volume is a quarter of the traditional LED display box, it can be used like a ready-to-hang movie screen, soft like a cloth, deeply loved by customers.

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