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  • HUASUNY New Technology -Jade Series Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch LED Screen
    Jun 02, 2022 HUASUNY New Technology -Jade Series Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch LED Screen
    We are excited for our latest technology--Indoor fixed LED panel Jade Series. The indoor fixed LED display is such a display that it is immovable, fastened. And it fixed at a particular place in such a position that it cannot move on its own. These LED displays are also a great source of advertisement using indoor as well as outdoor applications Pixel pitches avaliable: 1.9mm, 2mm, 2.6mm, 3.9mm Panel sizes: 1000mm x 500mm, 750mm x 500mm, 500mmx500mm, 250mm x 500mm, sizes can be customized. Main features: light weight and easy to set up. More details coming soon...
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  • Huasuny Will Attend ISE 2022 in FIRA Barcelona
    Oct 15, 2021 Huasuny Will Attend ISE 2022 in FIRA Barcelona
    Huasuny will attend ISE on February 1-4 2022. We will release our latest LED screen technology. Welcome to contact us freely for our exhibition samples reservation. Rental LED screen, commercial LED display, creative LED video wall are still the hotest products in the coming year.
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  • Huasuny Crystal LED Curtain Acquire National Utility Model Patent Certificate
    Jun 04, 2021 Huasuny Crystal LED Curtain Acquire National Utility Model Patent Certificate
    HUASUNY Technology, is the pioneer of the global flexible LED display industry, committed to providing flexible LED display technology suitable for various scenarios. Based on strong independent intellectual property rights and innovative engineering and design capabilities, we have achieved several industry milestones and have more than 100 patents. On May 28, 2021, the flexible LED curtain Crystal series won the Utility Model Patent Certificate, independently designed and developed byHuasuny,once again explaining that HUASUNY's most important asset is the curiosity that never stops exploring and the vision to change the world. The design concept of the Crystal series of flexible curtain screens is to integrate traditional Chinese bead curtains and cultural elements into the product design, and organically combine technology and culture, modernity and tradition,makeseverything harmonious and natural. Using flexible PCB technology to meet various needs, the slim strip creates high transparency, perfectly harmonizes thevisual quality and lighting efficiency, and maximizes the light transmission effect. It is a creative artwork for commercial display, architectural display, and stage.The Crystal withHuasuny's unique patented technology can display different screens on both the front and back sides at the same time, and different brightness can be set. It not only meets different display needs, but also greatly saves costs, which truly creates unique value forall thecustomers.
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  • Flexible LED Screen Pixel pitch, You Need to Know About It
    Apr 10, 2021 Flexible LED Screen Pixel pitch, You Need to Know About It
    What is it ? A pixel is an image point. An LED screen is made up of a large number of these pixels . These pixels, or therefore image points, in turn consist of one or more LEDs. The distance between the pixels differs per screen. This distance is expressed in 'pixel pitch' (P) and shown in mms. For example: a P10 LED screen has a pitch of 10mm. The distance between 2 pixels is therefore 10mm in this display. Why is pixel pitch important? The pixel pitch determines the total resolution of an LED screen and as a result also the sharpness of the image . The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels within the surface and therefore the sharper the image. Depending on the type of content and the viewing distance, this will look sharp or rather crumbly. How do I choose the right pixel pitch? In order to determine the correct pixel pitch, several factors must be taken into account. The size of the screen, the application and the viewing distance , among other things , are important to make the right choice. It is very important that you think carefully about what you want to display on the LED screen. The details of the content to be displayed are also decisive. For images with a lot of details, you need many more pixels and therefore a smaller pixel pitch. Which pixel pitches are available in flexible led screen?  Huasuny flexible LED screen pixel pitch is ranged from 1.6mm to 50mm, for indoor and outdoor applications and fits various services. If you have any request, welcome to contact our team to get a right solution.
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  •  Roataing LED Screen -New Generation Mobile Media Display Terminal Is Coming
    Apr 10, 2021 Roataing LED Screen -New Generation Mobile Media Display Terminal Is Coming
    With a Rotating LED Smart Poster, You can go in all directions Huasuny newly developed and launched Digital LED Poster is integrated with video display and rotation, uses AI intelligent control technology on traditional LED screen and opens a new era of HD display industry. A real win-win situation! Discover the possibilities and unique features: 1. 3D rotation in 360 degree,512 DMX protocal; 2. Plug-and- Play service and wireless controll on mobible phone App; 3. AI intelligent image recognition,rotated screen automatically and always present the perfect impact visual; If you want to communicate with an LED screen at different locations (such as several branches or events), movable LED screens are the best solution,it’s multifunctional,these LED posters can be used as an advertising screen / information board or “outdoor TV” on which you can display advertisements, timetables, maps or sports matches,etc.
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  • Meet Brand-New Huasuny at ISE 2021
    Nov 19, 2020 Meet Brand-New Huasuny at ISE 2021
    We’ll prepare a show and an amazing stage experience for you on June 2021. In this biggest and most important convention for AV and systems integration, Huasuny will bring you a new image with the debut of its brand-new fine-pitch, rental and commercial LED display solutions to present a gorgeous visual feast that stunned customers from all over the world. Affected by the epidemic, the international situation is not very optimistic. The business has slowed down, but the development of Huasuny have not stopped. This year, Huasuny pays more attention on the research on products, increased its investment in research, built a development team to keep it’s lead-ship position in the industry. Look forward to see you at ISE 2021.
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