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Huasuny Crystal LED Curtain Acquire National Utility Model Patent Certificate Jun 04, 2021

HUASUNY Technology, is the pioneer of the global flexible LED display industry, committed to providing flexible LED display technology suitable for various scenarios. Based on strong independent intellectual property rights and innovative engineering and design capabilities, we have achieved several industry milestones and have more than 100 patents.

On May 28, 2021, the flexible LED curtain Crystal series won the Utility Model Patent Certificate, independently designed and developed byHuasuny,once again explaining that HUASUNY's most important asset is the curiosity that never stops exploring and the vision to change the world.

The design concept of the Crystal series of flexible curtain screens is to integrate traditional Chinese bead curtains and cultural elements into the product design, and organically combine technology and culture, modernity and tradition,makeseverything harmonious and natural. Using flexible PCB technology to meet various needs, the slim strip creates high transparency, perfectly harmonizes thevisual quality and lighting efficiency, and maximizes the light transmission effect. It is a creative artwork for commercial display, architectural display, and stage.The Crystal withHuasuny's unique patented technology can display different screens on both the front and back sides at the same time, and different brightness can be set. It not only meets different display needs, but also greatly saves costs, which truly creates unique value forall thecustomers.

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