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UHD led screen
Flexible LED Display Can be Used Outdoor? Mar 17, 2023

Lots of clients would like to use our flexible led screen for outdoor applications. Flexible outdoor LED display has different and innovative appearance, and also stable and advanced functions. Compared with traditional LED display, the high flexibility and high-definition displaying performance make flexible LED display have more suitability for different outdoor led display than conventional ones.

The advantages of outdoor flexible led screen:

(1) A space-efficient compact design, can save room and labor-cost;

(2) Easy to install given the pliable feature, and can be suitable to different building structure;

(3) Highly customizable functions, multiple-customized choices including size, shape, and pixel pitch;

(4) Easy to maintain, and can support frontal and back maintenance;

(5) High mobility- easy to be mounted, dismantled and folded for storage and transportation.

flexible led screen

flexible led screen

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