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10 Reasons to use Rotating Smart LED Screen Pirotate Mar 18, 2022

LED poster display is digital signage that is widely used to display digital images, videos, Web pages, Weather data, restaurant menus, and currency exchange rates, etc. As the displaying content can be controlled remotely. LED poster are very suitable for displaying business commercials. Since the first born of the LED poster, now you can find led posters in many places, like shopping mall, museums, stadiums, hotels and transportation terminal etc.

rotating led poster

As more and more LED posters start to appear around us, it becomes harder and harder to catch people’s eye. People are having aesthetic fatigue to watch the commercial on led posters, unless the commercial is funny itself.

While this situation is going to end, Now, we Huasuny is goona to introduce the Next-generation LED poster-PiRotate. Which would change the poser advertising business again.

1: Rotating LED Screen, has brought a brand new LED screen display user experience to the market

Unlike the traditional LED poster, the screen is fixed. Our PiRotate innovatively brought motion into rotating led poster. When PiRotate is displaying content, the screen of PiRotate would rotate. PiRotate can catch people’s eye itself. Making people spend more time in watching the screen.

2: The Orientation of the displaying content remain the same, No matter how the screen rotates

With our advanced motion algorithm, PiRotate can identify the orientation of the displaying content ( Landscape, Portrait) and the screen would rotate landscape or portrait according to the orientation of the displaying content automatically. With this function, you do not need to worry about your display material’s orientation anymore. Unlike traditional LED poster that can only play portrait content, PiRotate can display landscape content as well.

3: More smarter - Displaying content can interact with the movement of the LED Screen

PiRotate has two rotate directions, The Screen can rotate vertically, while the whole machine can rotate horizontally. To control the rotating pattern, We have designed three controlling modes. 1: Preset mode, 2: Programmable within machine mode, 3: DMX512 control. As PiRotate can be programmed to each rotating position, Hence unlike traditional LED Poster that can only display content, PiRotate can interact with the displaying content, which escalates the displaying effect.

4: Programmable, to realize unlimited ads ideals

PiRotate not only can interact with the display content by itself, It can also interact among different PiRotate machines,  And those PiRotate can rhythm with its own content. Making the visual effect more attractive

5: Customized LED Screen shape for different application

PiRotate can also customize different shape screens, from standard Rectangle shape to Cross shape, flower shape, and many other shapes.

6: Wider view angle and wider viewing direction

As PiRotate can rotate horizontally, Hence unlike traditional LED poster that can only display the content to the people in front of it. PiRotate can show content to its surrounding 360° people, making it accessible to more customers

7: Easy to use, Plug and Play

Unlike traditional LED Poster that you need to do a lot of setting, Our PIRotate is very easy to use, You just store the video that you want to play into a flash disk, and insert this flash disk into our PiRotate’s USB port, then PiRotate can play the video automatically. You can also change the rotating pattern through our touch control panel very easily.

8: Wide media format support

PiRotate support a wide range of video Format. MOV, MP4, AVI, MPG, MEPG, MTV, MKV, RMVB, etc.

9: Energy saving and high brightness comparing with LCD

LED lamp are well known for their energy-saving and long life span, With Huasuny’s 16 years of LED screen manufacturer experience, and consistent innovation in LED screen displaying. PiRotate has an outstanding displaying ability. By using HDR technology, High-performance IC chip, and High quality LED lamp, PiRotate is able to provide 16bit greyscale range, well-calibrated true color pixel image with clear details, and an unforgettable viewing experience

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