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What are the advantages of an LED display over LCD? Jun 18, 2021
What are the advantages of an LED display over LCD?
Who is the future of display industry? LED or LCD display?

With COB and GOB technology become more and more developed, LED display has replaced the LCD in more and more industry applications.Nowadays LED display was used on display various text, digital, color images and animation information, and also can play color video signals such as TV, video, VCD, DVD, and more importantly, it can use multiple display screens to conduct online broadcasting, security monitor,commanding center.The coming of Internet Era will speed up the outdoor LED display industry rapid development.

outdoor LED display

LCD, short for Liquid Crystal Display

LED ,The Light-Emitting Diode.
Except the working principle difference  , LED display has many other advantages over LCD.

Brightness - The LED single pixel reaction speed is 1000 times of LCD, which makes LED display performance is still good under strong direct sunlight and even -40 ℃. LED display maximum brightness can be 10000 nits above while LED is far below than this.

Power consumption-The LED power consumption is only 1/10 of LCD's.

Visual angle- LED Screen view angle can reach 160 ° while LCD's view angle is very limited.

Refresh rate- LED display has better refresh rate more than 3840Hz, which has better performance on video .

Contrast-Regular LCD's contrast is 350:1 while LED display can easily has 5000:1 contrast which can meet various needs in various cases.

Appearance- LED Display can be made thinner than LCD.
The service life- LED display can generally support 100,000 hours, but LCD is much less and has serious attenuation issue.

Color-LED screen's wider colour gamut makes the color more real.

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