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Unique Moving Head LED Display X Rover

A groundbreaking design.

Video,lighting and rotating motor combined,make your stage full of magic.

The maximum rotation angle is 540°,and 100°/s speed rotation speed.

Advanced silent control technology,no noise at work.

moving head LED panel
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1.The Galaxias series targets both indoor and outdoor applications. 2.The pixel pitch varies from 3.9mm to 12mm that provides an optimal viewing distance from 3 to 20 meters, which satisfies most of the applications. 3. The Galaxias series is characterized with the following features: flexibility, ultra lightweight, front & rear service, and easy installation.
rental LED screen HD LED Display Video Wall X/XO Panel
1. High quality indoor and outdoor stage LED screen. 2. Unique X structure design, safe and reliable. 3. Magnesium alloy materials frame, light weight and high efficient for installation and transportation. 4. Front and rear maintenance. 5. Pixel pitch P2.9, P3.9 and P4.8, perfect for stage, exhibition,entertainment,sports, large events etc. 6. All Huasuny X/XO panels can be used on X Rover Plus multifunction LED display integrated with video, lighting and movement.
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Flexible LED Scree Outdoor Rental Transparent LED Screen Travi
1. Travi is the fourth generation of HUASUNY’s flexible LED display. 2. The epitome of strength and flexibility 3. Designed to be versatile, allowing you to create any display you can imagine. 4. IP65 for all indoor and outdoors applications.
Crystal Screen See-through LED Curtain Crystal Series
1. Originality design transparent LED curtain looks as clear as crystal. 2. Ultra soft and light LED strips, 16mm thickness only and weight is less than 6kg/sq.m. 3. Simple and clean style, no visible frames and cables, transparency up to 80%. 4.  Unparalleled flexibility is suitable for versatile shapes LED screens. 5. Unique double-sided LED design can display both sides. 6. Plug-and-play service for easy installation and cost saving.
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Raptor series is HUASUNY’s latest intelligent flexible LED display. It adopts patented automatic drive mechanics technology,making a new era of all-in-one screen with rigidity and flexibility. Features: 1. Automatically bending concave & convex angles up to 30°. 2. LCD screen displays precise bending angle and parameters 3. Magnesium alloy frame, light weight only 6.8kg/cabinet. 4. Versatile rigid-flexible screens, seamless splicing, and cost-saving.
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.